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Redesigned Flyer and Banner for Latchkey Kids

Studio Draco is thrilled to reveal our latest graphic design project for Latchkey Kids - a captivating banner and inspiring flyer. Let's explore the highlights of this project, showcasing the creativity behind these inspiring and fun marketing assets for a kids summer camp.

2023 Banner

Eye-Catching and Engaging

The banner combines vibrant colors, captivating imagery, and elegant typography to create an engaging visual experience. It draws attention and entices potential campers to the adventure that lies ahead, while seamlessly reflecting the client's new brand.

2023 Flyer

Igniting Curiosity and Connection

The new flyer uses strategic composition and persuasive text to ignite curiosity and foster a connection with potential campers and parents. It communicates key information regarding programming and camp benefits, as well as its 5-star status with the State of Ohio, while prompting parents to take action.

Harmonizing Brand and Creativity

Studio Draco ensured that every element in our design resonates authentically with the client's new brand. By balancing creativity with brand coherence, we created a captivating design that catches the eye and forge lasting connections.

Design is a strategic tool that captivates and inspires. Our collaboration with our Latchkey Kids has resulted in a fun design that effortlessly communicates their commitment to providing quality programming for their campers. Studio Draco is proud to contribute to their journey and look forward to creating more designs in the future.

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