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Artist Bio.

From an early age, I have always loved art. Some of my earliest memories are sitting in front of a coloring book, working intensely at making the page look perfect, and doing my best to bring the content to life. My love for art carried into middle school where I was fortunate enough to work with Virgil Villers, my school art teacher. A couple of other students and I were able to spend a week working with him at his studio during the summer. Watching him work and being in the studio was very inspirational. In high school, my passion for art and design continued to grow. “Mr. C”, our high school art teacher, always encouraged me to push my work further. At that time, I began to realize that I had some talent and wanted to pursue art throughout my life. After high school, I decided to study art and graphic design at the University of Akron. Here, I began to truly learn how to craft my artwork. I had many inspirational teachers who taught me that if I wanted to be an artist and designer that I needed to submerge myself in the work and learn all that I could. As I have done that, I have learned how to use different mediums to my advantage. I have learned how to express my thoughts and feelings through line, shape, color, hue, and value. I have, since then, created hundreds of pieces of various mediums and hope to create hundreds more. My love and desire to make art will never cease.

20170515_Sid the Kid.jpg
2016-12-11-EF 111.jpg

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